Zero Accident Award 2014 : Over 1,315. 196 hours of safety

Zero Accident Award 2014 : Over 1,315. 196 hours of safety

10 June 2014

Jakarta, June 2014
For its efforts in maintaining high health and safety standards for three consecutive years, PT. Cheetham Garam Indonesia was granted official recognition by the Indonesian Government on May 26, 2014.

This recognition was in the form of the Zero Accident Award 2014 (Nihil Kecelakaan Kerja 2014) when PT. Cheetham Garam Indonesia succeeded in recording 1,315. 196 hours without accident for the period of 2010-2013. The award was presented by the Honorable Minister of Manpower and Transmigration for Indonesia, Mr. H.A. Muhaimin Iskandar to CGI's representative , Ms. Susi at a special ceremony held at the Bidakara Hotel in Jakarta.

PT. Cheetham Garam Indonesia's credibility is based on not only product quality but employee safety as well.
As stated by Arthur Tanudjaja, President Director of PT. Cheetham Garam Indonesia, "The safety of our employees is the priority. When all the potential dangers can be mitigated and safety standards are met, the result is a smooth production process and that increases productivity". It is clear that PT. Cheetham Garam Indonesia has shown its commitment to be an industry leader in this.

Even today, the active implementation and adherence to health and safety standards are still poorly understood by many companies operating in Indonesia and yet these standards are vital components in determining not only job but company sustainability as well. The Zero Accident Award is one incentive that the Indonesian government uses to motivate companies to turn their attention to the health and safety of their labor.